My Reiki Story

This post has been a long time coming, so when Keri from The Greenly Guide approached me, asking if I was willing to contribute an article to share my Reiki story, I could not refuse. Reiki has and continues to be a pivotal part of my personal growth, and life as a whole. It is … Continue reading My Reiki Story

Aura-Soma: You Are The Colours You Choose

I was first introduced to the world of Aura-Soma at a crystal workshop. The teacher had casually passed around a small bottle of pink coloured liquid which she called a Pomander and instructed us to place three drops in our left palm, following which, we rubbed both hands together, and wafted our arms over and … Continue reading Aura-Soma: You Are The Colours You Choose

Flu Wisdom

Life works in strange and miraculous ways, and for some reason has a wicked way of kicking you in the butt when needed. I caught the winter flu. ON MY HOLIDAY. That's right. Whoopdeedoo! Thankfully, I was staying at my sister's and she took great care of me -- home away from home -- I … Continue reading Flu Wisdom

The Transformative Magic of Flowers

Did you know that plants are psychic? Studies show that our houseplants perceive our stress, even when we’re thousands of miles away! Flowers and plants in general have tremendous intelligence and we are much more connected to them than we are aware of. They make us feel happier, less stressed, more in tune + more fulfilled. This … Continue reading The Transformative Magic of Flowers

Harnessing the Full Moon Energy

In my recent article a few weeks back, I wrote about how the New Moon is a time for new beginnings, working on our manifestations and inviting abundance into our lives. The lunar cycle is currently in its waxing phase and slowly working its way into the upcoming Full Moon happening this Sunday on 16th October. … Continue reading Harnessing the Full Moon Energy

New Moon Ritual

For centuries, cultures around the world have been using the lunar cycle as a means to determine farming patterns, denote special holidays (i.e. Chinese, Hindu & Islamic Calendars, etc, are based on the lunar phases) and to harness the heightened energies during specific phases of the lunar cycle to connect deeper with one's purpose. Each lunar cycle runs approximately 29 … Continue reading New Moon Ritual

Living My Light.

On my walk home yesterday, thinking about the shift in energies. The recent full moon, lunar eclipse and Mercury retrograde. Did anyone else feel the heavy intensity the last few weeks? Things breaking down, communication issues, plans getting disrupted, because I sure did. I'm glad that it has begun to mellow down and interestingly on … Continue reading Living My Light.

Being Me.

I recently wrote an open post on Facebook about my Reiki journey. It was something that I had been struggling with for the longest time; whether to publicly share it, because I was afraid of what people were going to say - family, co-workers, friends from secondary school; from tertiary education; people who have known … Continue reading Being Me.

Frankincense Face Balm to Heal Your Body & Soul

I've learnt long ago that not all skincare are created equal and I was recently reminded again of this fact. Most promise to improve the quality of our skin or fix chronic issues, but I've never come across anything that spoke anything about elevating my spirit. Enter Ritual Radiance's Frankincense Face Balm (recently re-branded, and formerly … Continue reading Frankincense Face Balm to Heal Your Body & Soul

Reiki: An Energy Healing Therapy

Six years ago when I first heard about Reiki, I had absolutely no clue what it was about. My friend, N who was then a newly minted yoga teacher, and who had also been attuned to Reiki asked if I was up for a Reiki treatment. Being the open-minded, up-for-anything person that I am, I … Continue reading Reiki: An Energy Healing Therapy

An Uplifted Day: The Five Minute Journal

I have never quite been the journaling type. I have always wanted to, God knows how hard I tried - trips to Kikki.K, buying expensive journals (and not using them), my Japanese stationery collection that can rival Kinokuniya and Tokyu Hands. I tried, but failed miserably. And after that, I proceeded to I hide my … Continue reading An Uplifted Day: The Five Minute Journal

Lotus Wei: The Undeniable Joy About Joy Juice

Since discovering Lotus Wei, I have noticed shifts in my moods and overall well-being and taking my flower essences daily has become a regular routine in my everyday life. I had previously shared my initial experience with Lotus Wei flower remedies, and how it was impossible to pick a favourite as each one stood to magnify a specific … Continue reading Lotus Wei: The Undeniable Joy About Joy Juice

Magic Hour Candles

I recently discovered these Magic Hour Astrology ritual candles on etsy through Tina Rudolf (She's the person to approach for all things woo-woo chic), and I am IN LOVE with them. Infused with herbs, flower essences, essential oils, lunar charged gemstones; infused with magic and intention - these handmade candles are everything the spiritual devotee desires!  As they … Continue reading Magic Hour Candles

The Happiness Jar

I have never been big on making new year resolutions and on the few occasions that I did try, I failed miserably. To be perfectly honest, I only made them because it seemed like the right thing to do. After all, everyone was making them and it was only normal right? Of course now on hindsight I … Continue reading The Happiness Jar

Reflections: 2015 in Retrospect

Source: Pinterest We are THREE days away to a brand new year! Wow, what a year 2015 has been. Personally, it has been a journey of growth and change, and I thought it would be worthy to share some of this year's meaningful lessons - as a reminder to myself, and to perhaps inspire you for the New Year ahead. … Continue reading Reflections: 2015 in Retrospect