Hi there! Welcome to Rocks & Salts! This blog serves as a space to share my inspiration and passion for joyful living; a journey which incorporates holistic healing and wellness for the Body, Mind and Spirit. What initially started out as a journal for me to share my transition from mainstream to natural lifestyle choices, soon grew into something much more.

I embarked on my Reiki journey in June 2015, and am now a certified Reiki Master Teacher with the The Reiki Centre. It has been an immensely rewarding journey, and continues to be a pivotal part of my personal growth, and life.

I currently have a full-time corporate job which helps to fund my burgeoning crystal and Lotus Wei obsession. What can I say, a girl loves her flowers and shiny things!

When I am not busy with work or Reiki commitments, I am often dedicating my free time to my three adorable nieces whom I love dearly, over FaceTime. They live abroad in the Netherlands, and I am thankful for technology and its advancements.

I believe that gratitude is the key to living a meaningful and content life. When we find appreciation and joy in the little things; the niggling every day things that usually bug us, begin to fade away. Life is too short to spend time fretting over the things that don’t fulfil us, which is why I strive to find balance in all things, and invest time in enjoying what makes me happiest.  I hope to inspire you to pursue your joy too.

Thank you for stopping by, grab a cuppa tea stay for a bit! 🙂

Love & Light,
Clare x

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