Flu Wisdom

Life works in strange and miraculous ways, and for some reason has a wicked way of kicking you in the butt when needed. I caught the winter flu. ON MY HOLIDAY. That’s right. Whoopdeedoo! Thankfully, I was staying at my sister’s and she took great care of me — home away from home — I couldn’t have asked for anything more. When you fall ill, you suddenly realize that most things in life are really insignificant and very few things truly matter.

It forced me to slow down and focus on the immediate present. I travelled 10,000 km with the intention to spend quality time with family, and yet, it’s hilarious to think I had grand plans to head out adventuring, to squeeze in time to do some writing, work on assignments, plan for upcoming projects for 2017, etc. The universe intervened, and I ended up resting and spending quality time with the people I love most.

I watched countless kiddie shows with Anne (Big Hero 6, Shuan The Sheep Movie, Horton Hears a Who, Gnomeo & Juliet, Ratatouille, My Little Pony, etc….); taught her to make toast on her own; carried the twins till my arms nearly fell off, learnt all their little baby quirks — what each sigh, squeak and whimper meant, discovered that just because they let out a toxic fart while you’re trying to cuddle them to sleep doesn’t mean you can put them down and run for the hills, they fart A LOT…. whyyy?!; had a good dose of manic laughter over Snapchat filters; having plenty of heart-to-heart, deep soulful convos with my sister over copious mugs of hot tea; also… I GAVE HER THE REIKI LEVEL I ATTUNEMENT!! Perks of being my sister means she gets to have her own private Reiki workshop. This holiday was essentially one massive 24/7 pyjama party — it was the BEST! 

Never mind that it took having a fluctuating fever, migraines, fever-induced delirious nightmares, frying my throat chakra to the point of voicelessness, asthma and chest congestion, to get me to slow down and relax. I didn’t think about work, goals, projects or deadlines — best of all, I was guilt free. Why is it we beat ourselves up for doing ‘nothing’? Doing nothing is doing something — we’re filling our self-love well, which really, is the most important thing. We can’t give from an empty well, hence taking care of our well-being is imperative. 

Life is full of little moments waiting to be experienced. Make them count. Also, family is everything. I treasure mine. 💛


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