Harnessing the Full Moon Energy


In my recent article a few weeks back, I wrote about how the New Moon is a time for new beginnings, working on our manifestations and inviting abundance into our lives. The lunar cycle is currently in its waxing phase and slowly working its way into the upcoming Full Moon happening this Sunday on 16th October.

Similar to how we use the New Moon energies to work on our manifestations, the Full Moon offers powerful energies for us to work through our intentions for releasing. It is a time for us to reflect and assess what is no longer serving us; areas in our life that we would like to release and let go.

In doing this practice of releasing what no longer serves, we are creating space for better things to enter. Ever heard the phrase ‘when one door closes, another opens’? Same concept here. It is hard for us to allow for better people, things, situations or opportunities to enter when we are busy struggling with what is currently taking up room in our lives – kind of like having tunnel vision or being blind sided.

Besides doing this clearing work, the Full Moon is also a great time to harness the energy to cleanse and charge our crystals and metaphysical tools. I personally love laying all my crystals out by the window (or backyard if you have one) to allow the moonlight to work its magic. The light on a Full Moon night is a powerful resource which also works marvelously to energize and fortify the intentions of any DIY gem elixirs, aura sprays, healing candles, or flower essence tinctures, etc. This is an excellent time to leave them outside to charge.

To harness and integrate the Full Moon energies, the following are some ideas which you can try out for yourself:

  1. Clear yourself and your living space with sage, palo santo or sacred incense. Leave the windows open when you do this to allow the smoke to dissipate and be neutralized by Mother Earth.
  2. If you have allergies and are sensitive to smoke, you can use a selenite stick/wand and pass it around your body, holding the intention that the selenite is clearing you of any energy which no longer serves. Start from the top of your head, down the front of your body, to the bottom of your feet, all the way down your back, and also the sides of your body and under your arms as well.
  3. Clearing out your wardrobe and living space of clothes/things that no longer serve you is a great way to physically clear the energy and create room for better to enter.
  4. Meditate. If you are a seasoned meditation practitioner then you are aware of the benefits and how it can help provide clarity and what needs releasing. There are plenty of great apps available that offer guided meditations (e.g Insight Timer; Headspace; Pacifica; Stop, Breathe & Think, etc.). Alternatively, you can try and find Full Moon meditation circle that is in your local area.
  5. Writing down a list of things that you wish to release. You can burn the list after and throw out the ashes into your garden, the trash or bury it in earth. You can also tear the list up and throw it out as well.
  6. Alternatively, you may list your intentions for releasing out loud in front of a lit candle (preferably one that you reserve for meditation or sacred work), beginning with ‘I call upon God/Universe/Divine/Angels/Spirit Guides to assist me in releasing these which no longer serves my highest good….’. List them out individually and when you are done, you may end off with an offering of gratitude, ‘I thank (whoever you believe in/wish to call upon) for all the blessings in my life, and may these intentions which I have released create space in my life for better to come. And so it is. It is done.’ and proceed to blow out the flame. The idea is to create the intention of releasing.
  7. Receiving an energy healing session (e.g Reiki Healing, Theta Healing, Pranic Healing, Crystal Healing, Sound Healing, etc.) can help with releasing any energy blockages, balancing your overall well-being as well as assisting you in integrating the powerful lunar energies during this time.

Some of you may have already been feeling the heightened energies of the upcoming Full Moon and are feeling more emotionally sensitive. It is normal to feel this way and I encourage you to be gentle with yourself. Tune in with your intuition, and if you feel guided, spend more time doing self-care practices to help you integrate the intense energy.

For those of you who are interested, I am available for long-distance Reiki Healing sessions and more than happy to support you. The energy exchange for this is SGD$60 (approx. USD$44). You may leave me a comment below or write to me directly in the ‘Contact Me’ section. Thank you for being open to the energy!

Wishing everyone a blessed full moon,
Clare xx


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