New Moon Ritual


For centuries, cultures around the world have been using the lunar cycle as a means to determine farming patterns, denote special holidays (i.e. Chinese, Hindu & Islamic Calendars, etc, are based on the lunar phases) and to harness the heightened energies during specific phases of the lunar cycle to connect deeper with one’s purpose.

Each lunar cycle runs approximately 29 days with 4 distinct phases: The New Moon, Waxing Moon Phase, Full Moon and Waning Moon Phase. Traditionally, the New Moon represents new beginnings. It is a time to plant new seeds and intentions; a time for working on manifesting our goals, wishes and dreams; a time for new hope and inviting abundance into our lives.

On this day, the moon (though present) cannot be seen and this ‘darkness’ is likened to our shadow self; the areas in our lives which we keep hidden – fears, insecurities and struggles we may be facing. As such, it is also an ideal time to address our shadow areas and work on shifting our thought and behavior patterns surrounding them.

Being the second New Moon this month, the upcoming one on September 30th is termed a Black Moon whose energy is considered to be more intense and excellent for manifestation work. This is a great opportunity to seize and capitalize on the unique and powerful Black Moon energy.

One way to harness the energy during the New Moon is to incorporate a ritual. Having a ritual is essentially devoting a personal practice that helps to lend deeper intent and sacredness into what might otherwise be an every day basic activity. It makes it personal and special for you.

The following are some practices I like to incorporate in my New Moon Ritual which you may consider adopting or give you ideas for creating your own:

Candles – I have a dedicated Abundance candle from Magic Hour which I love using. Candles have been used throughout the ages in ceremonies, rituals, special occasions (hello, birthdays!) to honor and dedicate the moment. They create a special sacredness which I really appreciate.

Crystals – I’m sure you by now you know how dearly I love my crystals. They offer their healing energy by elevating and magnifying the vibrations in the space which makes for a beautiful and lovely setting. Also, they are really pretty to look at. No harm there! Crystals such Citrine, Green Aventurine, Ruby and Cinnabar Quartz are some great options for working on inviting positivity and abundance into our life. There is no hard and fast rule with working with crystals, and I always allow my intuition to guide me and go with whatever I feel drawn to.

Essential Oils – I use essential oils for everything and I mean everything. Not a day goes by where I am not diffusing or applying something, and naturally you would expect to see them here too. Similar to crystals, 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils work their healing magic to raise the vibration of the space and create a conducive environment by shifting our moods. Frankincense is a favorite of mine and I always incorporate it with a few other complementary oils.

Sacred smoke – An alternative to using essential oils is to burn sacred incense like frankincense and myrrh or sacred herbs such as white sage or palo santo. These help to clear the space of lower vibrations as well as elevate the energy. By energetically clearing space, we are allowing for higher vibrational energy and abundance to be invited in.

Meditation – Spending some time to meditate before intention setting is a great way of getting in touch with our higher self. This is particular useful if we want to gain clarity on the direction we want to purse in the month ahead, creating a conducive mental and emotional space to address areas in our shadow self, or to simply relax and connect with the energy of the New Moon.

Journaling / Intention setting – This is a great way of listing out my intentions, areas I would like to manifest or areas in my life that I would like to work on. Writing it down on paper is a great way of putting it out there. Some like placing their intentions under specific crystals reserved for manifestation work, others prefer burning their list (I am assuming it is a short one and not pages!) and burying the ashes in earth after as a way of sending their intentions out into the Universe. I have tried both. My advice is always to do what feels comfortable and practical for you.

Reiki – I saved the best for last. As a Reiki Master this is definitely the highlight for me. Those of you who are familiar with Reiki know that Reiki healing can help to balance our mental, physical and emotional well-being. The energy of the New Moon (and also the Full Moon) can be very intense and cause emotional upheavals for some of us. Have you noticed how you experience heightened sensitivities (feeling more edgy, angry or weepy) during the period before the New or Full Moon? I know I do, some months more than others and on a bad day it can be a real struggle trying to maintain inner peace. Receiving Reiki healing during this time provides great support for our overall well-being, especially for our tender emotions – the Reiki energy helps to calm and ease our imbalances and energy blockages in a gentle and releasing way.

Receiving Reiki healing during this period can also help develop deeper awareness in areas we need clarity and enlightenment, and helps to balance and clear any blockages in our chakra system. For instance, our third-eye chakra which is our seat of intuition which when open and well-balanced, helps us connect with our inner wisdom and sense of self, and encourages us to trust in this innate wisdom that resides in all of us. This is particularly helpful when we are seeking guidance in setting our intentions and life-goals or addressing our fears and insecurities as we do not want to be constantly second guessing ourselves. The intent is to trust our own judgement and make empowered choices rather than fear based ones.

Reiki can not only be given to all living beings (people, animals and plants), but can also be sent to specific issues as well as our New Moon wishes which aid in manifesting ideal outcomes. Of course there must exist an element of trust that everything that happens does so for our highest good. My idea of ‘best outcome’ may not necessarily equate to the Universe’s ideal outcome for me, which has been one of the biggest takeaways of my Reiki journey – learning to surrender, and allow the divine take care of the rest.

Regardless of what rituals or practices you wish to incorporate, the important thing is to have fun and enjoy the process. I hope you found this helpful and if you have a New Moon ritual, I would love for you to share. This article was inspired by Leanna from Clarity and Calm who shared her lovely New Moon Ritual on her blog – please check hers out!

For those of you who are interested, I am available for Reiki distance healing. The energy exchange is SGD$60. If this is something that interests you and would like to be supported during this time of the New Moon, please feel free to drop me a comment below or write to me in the ‘Contact Me’ section. I would be more than happy to support you.

Clare x


3 thoughts on “New Moon Ritual

  1. clarityandcalm says:

    “My idea of ‘best outcome’ may not necessarily equate to the Universe’s ideal outcome for me” –> such a huuuge thing to come to accept, and I find that if you haven’t learned this, the universe will keep giving you opportunities to practice haha 💛 Love how you delved into some of the cultural history surrounding moon phases! xo

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