Being Me.

Reiki Master Cert

I recently wrote an open post on Facebook about my Reiki journey. It was something that I had been struggling with for the longest time; whether to publicly share it, because I was afraid of what people were going to say – family, co-workers, friends from secondary school; from tertiary education; people who have known me for a long time but not necessarily close enough to know what I have been up to. I was afraid of how they were going to react and how they would judge.

I had kept a very low profile about it since I first started Reiki I in June 2015, and I never really thought much about sharing it in great detail, or if at all, other than with an intimate few who were in my inner circle. But then I progressed on to Reiki II, and then to Reiki III (some Usui lineages progress from Level II direct to Reiki Master, some call it Reiki 3a & 3b, where 3b is essentially the Reiki Master Training portion), and eventually (and shockingly, to me) to Reiki Master Teacher. I had no idea I was going to progress so far, and even now, I experience moments where it all feels so surreal.

So you see, all this wasn’t part of my ‘plan’. But life happened, and I went along with the flow. I was no longer someone with just Reiki in my hands. I had moved on to become a teacher with the ability to give Attunements to those who wish to have Reiki Energy flowing through them. I cannot begin to explain the immense sacredness and humility that comes along with this responsibility, and for someone who had been trying to keep this beautiful gift as low profile as possible, you would imagine the dissonance I was feeling within me. It made me very uncomfortable to say the least.

Reiki encompasses everything that is freeing; that which gives a person a sense of lightness in their being; all that is elevating and expansive; that embraces our truth, and yet there I was trying to hide.

Reiki has become a part of who I am, and hiding a part of myself was just so sad, especially when it was something that brought me tremendous joy. I knew I could hide no more. I had to break out of my shell, and embrace and honor my true self, to live a meaningful and authentic life as best I can.

And so below is the post which I shared on my personal Facebook account. Some of you may have already seen it, but I am reproducing it here for those of you who need a little courage and inspiration to shine your light.

Sending you love and courage!

Here’s the thing about light, we can’t stop it from illuminating. It will creep into the darkest of corners and cast out the shadows, because that’s just what the light does, it burns bright. Likewise, we can’t keep our truth from being hidden. Maybe for a while, but eventually, it will surface. Either we choose to embrace it or it decides for us, and sometimes the latter makes for an uncomfortable ride. I’d rather pick the former.

Very few people (except for my very closest) know about my journey into energy healing the last 1.5 years. Honestly, I didn’t want to share because I was afraid of being judged; of being too weird, too woo woo, too hippy dippy, too radical, too this, too that…. too everything. And here’s the thing I learnt about judgment and opinions, everyone who has a brain has one, there’s no running from it. How we feel about ourselves is the only thing that matters, and only we know what’s best for us.

So what’s this really about? This is me stepping into my light and owning my truth. Because only when we live in authenticity, when we say YES to ourselves, can we live our best, most wholesome and awesome-est life. Life is too short for anything less!

I’m Clare, and I’m a Reiki Master Teacher, and I love it! Am I weird? VERY. Do I care? No.

To the people who continue to inspire, encourage and support me, I am eternally humbled and grateful for your love. This one is for you.

In love & light,



2 thoughts on “Being Me.

  1. clarityandcalm says:

    Beautiful! 💜 ✨ I’m so glad you decided to share your light with everyone. I completely relate as I was initially wary about announcing to my Facebook friends that I was starting to teach meditation. Some of my family and friends had no idea I was even interested in meditation much less teaching it 😉 But when I started opening up I felt such support, even from people I never expected, and it’s truly beautiful. My mum has her Reiki master degree and I’ve grown up knowing about it and feeling that’s it’s normal. I even took level one! But I haven’t progressed. It’s beautiful how we all have ways to shine and work our light. Love ❤🙏

    Liked by 1 person

    • Clare says:

      Thank you for reading and sharing your story, Leanne! Yes, I too was surprised by the support & encouragement that I received. Sometimes I think we over-analyze how the outcome will be and get too hard on ourselves, after all, I think we are our biggest critic. How wonderful that your mum is a Reiki Master too! It also makes me really happy to hear that you too have done Reiki 1. I genuinely believe that we are all healers in our own right, Reiki or otherwise. Our bodies are more intuitive than we realize. You have inspired me in many ways and I’m so glad that you are sharing your light too, otherwise I would have never ‘found’ you! Keep on keeping on, Leanne! ❤️🙏🏼✨

      Liked by 1 person

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