Natural Remedies For Respiratory Well Being

Having a respiratory infection is a total downer, whether it’s congested sinuses, a leaky nasal passage that just won’t stop, a hacking chesty cough or worse, asthma – I think I speak for everyone when I say that its an awful feeling and we wouldn’t wish it upon our worst enemy. I certainly wouldn’t.

I have been fighting off an upper respiratory infection the last couple of days and I thought it would be useful to share some of the natural remedies** that I often turn to for comfort and relief.

(**Note: These are remedies that I turn to for my own personal support. Please do not use this in place of expert medical advice. When in doubt please see a professional medical doctor.) 

1. Throat Coat & Immune Support

Honey. Oh sweet sweet honey! I turn to honey basically for anything. Good days, bad days, cold days, warm days. Honey is my trusted forever friend and I drink copious amounts of warm honey lemon whenever I am sick. This organic lemon honey from Nature’s Glory is my holy grail must have, and has really helped to soothe my scratchy, sandpaper, sore throat from all the coughing I have been doing. A good dollop of raw honey and a wedge of fresh lemon and I’m set. I also like making a chilled version on a hot day – add cold water, lotsa ice and fresh aloe vera (if I have any on hand) and I got myself the perfect refreshing drink. Yum!

Ashwagandha commonly referred to as ‘Indian ginseng’  in Ayurvedic healing because of its rejuvenating properties. It has been used since ancient times for its restorative benefits and has traditionally been prescribed to help people strengthen their immune system after an illness. There are many different options available in the market; the one I’m currently taking is Gaia Herbs, and I’ve noticed an increase in my energy levels from taking it.

2. Love Your Lungs

Decongestant Balm. I was looking for a natural replacement for everyone’s trusty Vicks when I chanced upon this version by Momoko Therapeutics. Formulated with melaleuca, pine, eucalyptus, lavender, bay laurel, thyme and copaiba, this balm is a great (natural & healthy) replacement for the usual commercial petroleum-based chest rubs. It has a lovely scent that is both comforting and refreshing and I apply a generous amount over my throat, chest, and also on the soles of my feet (with socks on) before bed. No stinging on the good stuff; more is more.

Essential Oils. Since I was a child, my Mother has been concocting all kinds of aromatherapy remedies for my family and it is only natural that I have carried on in her footsteps, having benefitted tremendously from nature’s healing powers. I use a blend of sandalwood, tea tree and clary sage mixed in jojoba oil whenever I’m afflicted with a sore throat. Sometimes, I also apply a drop of each, neat on my throat area, though I would only recommend this if you have no known skin sensitivities as this might be too strong for you. These oils are known for their anti-septic, anti-viral, anti-inflammatory and relaxing properties and they smell so good together. Anything with sandalwood is a winner for me; I love this woody, grounding oil to death.

3. Respiratory Support

This Living Libations himalayan salt inhaler is a life saver when my sinuses decide to go AWOL on me. I came to know about it through Jen from Luminous Spirit, and promptly purchased mine along with their Balsam fir & Immune Illume essential oils. The salt inhaler comes with a bag of pink himalayan salt (to be poured into the inhaler) which is famed for its rich mineral and bio-energetic properties. Together with the essential oils, they help to flush away any impurities from the sinuses, nasal cavities, throat, and lungs, helping to maintain and support a healthy respiratory system.  I have also found the salt inhaler particularly useful when my asthma acts up, helping to prevent my air passages from spasming further and minimizing my wheezing.

4. Happy Plum Tea

Well, this isn’t exactly a tea but rather more of an infusion, and I’m not even sure if it even provides any medicinal benefits. I call it my ‘Happy Plum Tea’ because it does exactly that – make me happy! It was an accidental discovery when I decided to experiment with steeping some preserved sour plums in hot water, and viola! I got the idea from the Japanese umeboshi (salted plums) infusion, which is in fact rich in health benefits, so you can try this version too. The sour plum infusion I made tasted really good and has been soothing my sore throat and providing comforting vibes during the last couple of days. You can even get creative and include some dried herbal flowers. Let me know if you try this!

Do you have any natural remedies to share? I would love to hear!  🙂

Clare xx


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