Frankincense Face Balm to Heal Your Body & Soul

Frankincense Face Balm

I’ve learnt long ago that not all skincare are created equal and I was recently reminded again of this fact. Most promise to improve the quality of our skin or fix chronic issues, but I’ve never come across anything that spoke anything about elevating my spirit.

Enter Ritual Radiance’s Frankincense Face Balm (recently re-branded, and formerly known as Local Soul Apothecary). By divine providence, I was led to Ritual Radiance’s Instagram account and was immediately taken in by founder, Loren’s charming energy. She radiates a beautiful gentle light and authenticity that I often find missing in many emerging Indie beauty brands. There is just something really special about her that I cannot adequately put in words.

If you have interacted with her you would know what I mean and you can imagine that the beautiful gentle glow that she has emanating from within, whatever it was, I needed some of it, stat.

Formulated with organic & wild harvested Shea butter, Rosehip Seed oil, Argan oil, Sea buckthorn Berry oil; Frankincense and Helichrysum essential oils; Clear Quartz essence and Pearl, I promptly ordered a jar of her limited edition Frankincense Face Balm.

OH.EM.GEE. This balm. I have been using it for the past 3 weeks and it is the most amazing skincare product that has ever graced my face. If you’re like me and you love Frankincense, this balm is definitely for you. Known for its protection, purification and vibrational elevating properties, Frankincense has long been prized in history as one the holiest of oils. (The wise men didn’t pay homage to baby Jesus with Frankincense for nothing. Just sayin’.)

This rich and potent face balm smells absolutely divine, grounding yet elevating. As soon as I open the jar and my nose catches the first whiff of its divine scent, the mindless chatter in my brain draws to a halt, and my energy body vibrates and magnifies. My crown and third-eye tingles; my senses heighten. It is truly magical.

I often hold the jar up to my nose and spend precious moments inhaling it, I simply cannot get enough of its alluring and addictive scent. Rich in nourishing oils, I anoint my skin with the tiniest pea-sized amount and awake the following morning with soft, plump skin. It is pure love.

Loren has created this jar of magical golden goodness with pure love, deep intention and sacred spirit. There is no denying that this beautiful face balm has gone beyond healing my skin. It has also soothed and nurtured my spirit, helping me to connect deeper with my intuitive wisdom. Energy is real, and energy healing even more, and this face balm is an absolute testimony to that.

Now I just want to be bathed in everything she creates, because anything infused with her energy is pure magic, and I can certainly do with a whole lot more!


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