New Moon Ritual

For centuries, cultures around the world have been using the lunar cycle as a means to determine farming patterns, denote special holidays (i.e. Chinese, Hindu & Islamic Calendars, etc, are based on the lunar phases) and to harness the heightened energies during specific phases of the lunar cycle to connect deeper with one's purpose. Each lunar cycle runs approximately 29 … Continue reading New Moon Ritual

Living My Light.

On my walk home yesterday, thinking about the shift in energies. The recent full moon, lunar eclipse and Mercury retrograde. Did anyone else feel the heavy intensity the last few weeks? Things breaking down, communication issues, plans getting disrupted, because I sure did. I'm glad that it has begun to mellow down and interestingly on … Continue reading Living My Light.

Being Me.

I recently wrote an open post on Facebook about my Reiki journey. It was something that I had been struggling with for the longest time; whether to publicly share it, because I was afraid of what people were going to say - family, co-workers, friends from secondary school; from tertiary education; people who have known … Continue reading Being Me.

Natural Remedies For Respiratory Well Being

Having a respiratory infection is a total downer, whether it's congested sinuses, a leaky nasal passage that just won't stop, a hacking chesty cough or worse, asthma - I think I speak for everyone when I say that its an awful feeling and we wouldn't wish it upon our worst enemy. I certainly wouldn't. I have … Continue reading Natural Remedies For Respiratory Well Being

Frankincense Face Balm to Heal Your Body & Soul

I've learnt long ago that not all skincare are created equal and I was recently reminded again of this fact. Most promise to improve the quality of our skin or fix chronic issues, but I've never come across anything that spoke anything about elevating my spirit. Enter Ritual Radiance's Frankincense Face Balm (recently re-branded, and formerly … Continue reading Frankincense Face Balm to Heal Your Body & Soul