Lotus Wei: The Undeniable Joy About Joy Juice

Since discovering Lotus Wei, I have noticed shifts in my moods and overall well-being and taking my flower essences daily has become a regular routine in my everyday life.

I had previously shared my initial experience with Lotus Wei flower remedies, and how it was impossible to pick a favourite as each one stood to magnify a specific vibration – how does one choose self-love over inner peace? I need both. My needs are ever changing and to guide me, I listen closely to my intuition (and use the Lotus Wei Flower Reading iPhone App) with what needs focusing on and which flower essence(s) to take. In recent months, Joy Juice has grown to become an unexpected favourite and this blog post serves as a personal testimony to the wonders of flower essences and an intimate account of how it has served me. It’s a tad long, but I hope you stick around and enjoy it!

Ready? Here we go…

Joy Juice was one of the first Lotus Wei flower essences I tried when I hopped on the flower remedy bandwagon. I had purchased the Joy Juice perfume in my very first order last August after reading reviews that it had a lovely citrusy, strawberry-like juicy scent. It smelled exactly as described but oddly (and to be completely honest), I didn’t hit off with the scent from the get-go. It wasn’t that I disliked it or that it smelled bad, I just didn’t fall head over heels in love compared to some of the other Lotus Wei offerings.

However, I continued spraying it on occasionally (intuitively reaching for it), and interestingly, I began to notice a shift in my mood – I grew increasingly happier. At first my rational mind said no, it can’t be, it must be a placebo effect, but eventually I couldn’t ignore the fact that I would reach for it every time I needed a pick me up. Does anyone remember the cartoon Gummy Bears from the early 90s? The Gummy Bears would reach for their special secret vial of Gummy Beary Juice to get them out of danger each time. Well, Joy Juice is my version of that – the only difference, it’s my joy activator! It was a courtship that took a tad longer than expected, but the more I used it the deeper I fell in love with the scent and its effects. We are now inseparable.

Bear with me, we’re just getting started.. the juicy part is coming up. I promise.

I had recently repurchased a bottle of the perfume (because my existing one ran out.. (cue: panic attack!) and having been deprived of it for a couple of weeks and finally reuniting, I happily (and excitedly) doused myself in it, despite the fact that it was bed time. There is no hard and fast rule to using any of Lotus Wei’s flower remedies, but as a habit, I have only ever used Joy Juice during the day time, and reserve Quiet Mind, Inner Peace and Healing Sleep for night use. That night was my first time using Joy Juice before bed time, and I say this with absolute honesty (cross my heart!), I woke up the next morning feeling SUPER HAPPY. Now, I’m not exactly a major grumpalumphagus in the morning, but neither am I the most cheerful, however, that particular work-day morning, I got out of bed with a spring in my step! I felt different and I knew why – it was the Joy Juice.

That same day, I also planned to visit my dad who was in hospital (after work) that evening. I have to back track a little and explain my relationship with hospitals – I avoid them like the plague. Not because I am a germophobe, but because I am energetically very sensitive and cannot handle it (empath alert). I would typically get anxiety from just thinking about it, it stresses me out and the minute I’m there I feel awful. I don’t know how to adequately explain it, except I leave feeling extremely drained mentally, physically and emotionally affected. As far as I can help it, I avoid going.

However, I wanted to visit my dad that day – not out of guilt or obligation, I wanted to visit, just because (even my sister admitted to me that she thought I wasn’t being serious). I did not feel apprehensive and stressed like I normally would, instead, I had happy thoughts around it. Infact, I dare say I was a little too happy. It was very bizzare and completely out of the ordinary. I was accutely aware of the change in attitude, but told myself not to question it and just go along with the process. To sum up, I went in feeling great, I was unaffected while I was there, and I left in high spirits. I also noticed that my (poor sick) dad was oddly chipper – he even goofed around with the (neon pink!) stethoscope hanging by his bed and posed for a photo. Totally not what one would expect from a sick person. Okaaaay. What just happened?! We got hit by the Joy Bug, that’s what. I must also add that though my dad had received none of the Joy Juice (I did however misted myself before visiting him), energy moves in subliminal yet powerful ways. The shift in my mood and energy level had definitely impacted him.

Flower essences – The effects are very real. They work on a subconscious level to shift your mood and physiology through your acupuncture meridians. When taken regularly. they will shift and transform you into a better version of yourself. They also positively affect the people around you (case in point: my dad), hence the reason why I strongly believe and am a firm advocate of the transformative effects of Lotus Wei.

To further elaborate on the extended benefits of how flower essences benefits others as a result of our using them, the word “wei” in Lotus Wei has two meanings. The first is “transformative action” and the second is “for the benefit of all”. It is this transformative action which occurs within us which helps us to rise above to a higher vibrational plane (in simple terms: greater awareness), and in doing so, this radiates outwards and creates a transformation in those around us too. A shift in awareness leads to greater love, compassion and kindness (amongst many other wonderful attributes), which in turn creates more open heartedness which help to break negative thought patterns as well as shift our limited perceptions, and ultimately improving our relationships with others. We don’t rise alone, we rise together – everyone benefits. Isn’t that amazing?!

According to Katie Hess, flower goddess and founder of Lotus Wei, Joy Juice helps to magnify joy, happiness, freedom and letting your inner child play. I have used it regularly enough to notice a discernable difference in my mood when I use Joy Juice and when I don’t – the results are unmistakable. Joy Juice sparks joy! I now also apply some before bed time to start the next day fabulously – it works!

I don’t believe there is such thing as too much joy, and I think everyone could use a little extra, don’t you?

P/S I purchase all my Lotus Wei essences (except the anointing oils which I get direct from the US website) locally in Singapore from Paradigm Wellness. 🙂

PP/S That blue creature in the photos above is not a random blue lump. It’s Sadness from the Pixar movie ‘Inside Out’. Geddit? Sadness…. Joy Juice?? Please tell me you got it?!


2 thoughts on “Lotus Wei: The Undeniable Joy About Joy Juice

    • Clare says:

      Thank you for taking the time to read through this super lengthy post! They really are amazing and life changing. It’s one of the reasons how this blog even came into existence. Vibrational therapy is truly magical and very real! 😊


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