Magic Hour Candles

I recently discovered these Magic Hour Astrology ritual candles on etsy through Tina Rudolf (She’s the person to approach for all things woo-woo chic), and I am IN LOVE with them. Infused with herbs, flower essences, essential oils, lunar charged gemstones; infused with magic and intention – these handmade candles are everything the spiritual devotee desires!  As they are crafted with only pure essential oils and no synthetic fragrances, do note that they are lightly scented – perfect for those who are scent sensitive.

They have a wide selection and I had such a hard time deciding! Eventually, I chose Clearing, Abundance and Love. I love that we are encouraged to write our intentions on the candles to infuse it with our personalized wishes – truly making it my own.

It is interesting how they came into my life at the precise moment when I was preparing for my upcoming Reiki 3 weekend. I had alot of energetic clearing work to do, and of course some ‘homework’ which my Reiki Teacher had instructed us with, in preparation for the big shifts that were about to happen – and so these candles came in very timely.

I burned the Love candle during my recent trip to Bali as I gave my man an hour long reiki healing session, with the intent of channeling the energy of the beautiful Island of the Gods, one of the most spiritual places on earth. It was magical. There is a certain sacredness and purity when you create a ritual with mindfulness and loving intent, and the energy which you create from that radiates through.

If you are looking to introduce candles for your healing practice or to add to your sacred space, I highly recommend these. And if you have tried them, let me know what you are currently loving, and send some recommendations my way!

Love & Light xx


5 thoughts on “Magic Hour Candles

  1. Laura says:

    Spirit, Healing, Revolution, and Dream are my favs, I think. I’ve been burning these candles since early 2013 (when I discovered them in a local shop, there were only 6 kinds to choose from at the time). I have tried most of them since, really I’ve loved all the ones I’ve tried. Hard to choose a favorite.

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    • Clare says:

      Hi Laura! Thanks for stopping by. Yes, I cannot agree more. It’s so hard to pick a favorite. I just stocked up on a couple more, and included some new me to ones – Healing, New Moon & Full Moon. Can’t wait to try these out! If could buy them all I would 🙂


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