Lotus Wei: The Undeniable Joy About Joy Juice

Since discovering Lotus Wei, I have noticed shifts in my moods and overall well-being and taking my flower essences daily has become a regular routine in my everyday life. I had previously shared my initial experience with Lotus Wei flower remedies, and how it was impossible to pick a favourite as each one stood to magnify a specific … Continue reading Lotus Wei: The Undeniable Joy About Joy Juice

Magic Hour Candles

I recently discovered these Magic Hour Astrology ritual candles on etsy through Tina Rudolf (She's the person to approach for all things woo-woo chic), and I am IN LOVE with them. Infused with herbs, flower essences, essential oils, lunar charged gemstones; infused with magic and intention - these handmade candles are everything the spiritual devotee desires!  As they … Continue reading Magic Hour Candles