My Josh Rosebrook Love Affair

I had given up on finding a natural alternative to mainstream shampoo. I had tried a couple of green beauty brands, none of which worked out for me, and quite honestly, mainstream brands weren’t cutting it for me either. My finicky scalp was just NOT HAPPY with everything I tried. Things would start out fine, and 1-2 weeks in, all the problems would begin surfacing; anything from causing my scalp to itch and flake, to over zealous product build-up which left me in a hot greasy mess. I was frustrated, depressed and at my wits end. I was ready to throw in the towel and be resigned to a lifetime of scalp woes.

Then, in stepped Josh Rosebrook. I had heard marvellous things about his skin and hair care line. Everyone I knew in the green beauty world loved at least one item from Josh Rosebrook, and it was at this time (in October) that I was also considering signing up for the Beauty Heroes subscription service (brilliant service, more on this in an up-coming post!), which coincidentally was featuring Josh Rosebrook’s Balance Shampoo & Conditioner as October’s Hero product. I decided to take one last leap of faith… and that my friends, is how I fell in love with Josh Rosebrook. He saved my hair and my life.

I know I have a flair for the dramatics but trust me when I tell you that the balance line is AMAZING. The Balance Shampoo which is rich in plant oils and herbal actives, is formulated for all hair textures with normal to oily scalp conditions. I have fine hair with dry ends, and an eczema prone scalp. The shampoo has managed to properly cleanse my scalp without irritating it, did not strip my hair (especially the ends) of moisture, nor left it with excessive product build-up.

I like pairing the shampoo with the Balance Conditioner which does a perfect job at adequately conditioning my hair ends without weighing down them down. The Balance duo does exactly as it says, provide balance, leaving my hair clean, soft and bouncy. You cannot imagine how overjoyed I am. I can finally stop hunting for a (natural) hair care routine that works.

I recently ran out of the Balance shampoo and repurchased 2 bottles from Beauty Heroes. In the interim, I had to use a replacement shampoo while waiting for my package arrive from the US (I reside in Singapore), however as soon as I began using the replacement, my scalp went bonkers. This is by no means an exaggeration because I was in so much agony from my terribly irritated scalp I was desperate to find a way to get the shampoo ASAP, and by some miracle managed to locate a local stockist (I wish I had known this before!) who carried Josh Rosebrook.

I got in contact with Gia from Courage Beauty, who very kindly and patiently sorted me out, and made arrangements for me to collect the shampoo the very next day. She also very generously threw in a sample of his Herbal Infusion Oil which I have been wanting to try! Anyway, needless to say, my scalp is now very happy and contented and back to normal. Hooray!

Are you a Josh Rosebrook fan? Do you have any favorites to recommend? I would love to hear!


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