O Way: Silk’n Glow Hair Mask

Hello, my fellow (green) beauty junkies! I present to you my new favorite hair product I have been digging lately: The Silk’n Glow Hair Mask.

I was introduced to Italian natural hair care brand, O Way, some months back by my (amazing) Japanese hair salon when they used it on me, and decided to treat myself to a tube to try out and see how it faired. I’m happy to report that I just repurchased my second tube yesterday, which is pretty much the litmus test of whether a product has made it into Clare’s list of must-haves. So yes, I’m most definitely loving it!

The Silk’n Glow hair mask is made with biodynamic oat, organic cupuaçu (i.e fruit from the cupuaçu tree, belonging to the cocoa family) and ethically produced brazil nut. It is free from parabens, petrolatum, PEG, PPG, BG, EDTA, synthetic fragrances and artificial colorants. Yay!

It is also worthy to note that O Way uses essential packaging which is recycled, recyclable or eco-certified. This sleek tube is made from 100% recyclable aluminum which is a relief because I sleep better at night knowing that I don’t have to compromise on the health of our planet for the sake of well-functioning (healthy) haircare.

The hair mask has a light citrusy sweetness (from the mandarin, orange peel and vanilla oils) which is refreshing to the senses, and a light creamy texture which does a great job at moisturising my dry ends without weighing them down.

I have always found it hard to find a balance with hair masks that provides good repair and moisture without leaving my hair with substantial greasy buildup; a greasy mop of hair is not a good look. Thanks to the Silk’n Glow which swooped in to save the day, life is now perfect 🙂


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