The Happiness Jar

I have never been big on making new year resolutions and on the few occasions that I did try, I failed miserably. To be perfectly honest, I only made them because it seemed like the right thing to do. After all, everyone was making them and it was only normal right? Of course now on hindsight I laugh at my silliness because what exactly is the right and normal way anyway? I have learnt over the years the importance of listening to my inner voice and following my gut; to take what resonates with me and run with it. The last thing I need in this already complicated journey called Life is more unnecessary disappointment. How could I commit to something I never really believed in from the start? And that was the end of my attempt at setting new year resolutions.

Fast forward to 3 days ago, I stumbled upon a Facebook post by best-selling author, Elizabeth Gilbert (I love this woman!) where she shared her practice of  a ‘Happiness Jar’. Every day for the last ten years, she has been filling said jar with a written account of the happiest moment in her day. I thought to myself, YES! YES! YES! It resonated with my soul. It felt right.

So,  as a start to a more gratitude-filled journey, I have decided to commit to the practice of a Happiness Jar where I shall spend a few moments to reflect and write down the happiest moment(s) of each day and put it into my jar. And of course what better way to support this journey than to incorporate Lotus Wei’s Joy Juice – it has the most uplifting strawberry-like fragrance which uplifts my spirit with its sweet cheerful scent. It has helped me on many occasions when I was feeling down and needed a boost, and therefore the perfect companion for this practice of gratitude.

The Happiness Jar is a beautiful practice and I invite you to try it too. Even in the darkest of moments we can surprise ourselves by finding the light if we allow our hearts to be open. It takes effort and practice, and a certain ‘stubborn gladness’, to make the conscious decision to choose to be happy, and be grateful, because life isn’t always going to be peachy. We need to strive to find our way back to the light, today and every day; especially when we find it the hardest, for that is when we need it the most. A moment of gratitude can uplift our spirit and change our entire being, and I hope we may all give ourselves this gift. Doesn’t a jar filled with joyful affirmations sound delightful? 🙂

I leave you with a quote which Elizabeth Gilbert shared, “We must have the stubbornness to accept our gladness in the ruthless furnace of this world.” – Jack Gilbert


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