My Secret to Healthy Skin

I have been gradually making some changes in my life, one of which includes being more committed to taking better care of myself. I have been making a conscious effort in taking the time to enjoy little pleasures such as my post shower body oil ritual, to practicing more personal reiki healing, and in addition … Continue reading My Secret to Healthy Skin

My Josh Rosebrook Love Affair

I had given up on finding a natural alternative to mainstream shampoo. I had tried a couple of green beauty brands, none of which worked out for me, and quite honestly, mainstream brands weren't cutting it for me either. My finicky scalp was just NOT HAPPY with everything I tried. Things would start out fine, and … Continue reading My Josh Rosebrook Love Affair

O Way: Silk’n Glow Hair Mask

Hello, my fellow (green) beauty junkies! I present to you my new favorite hair product I have been digging lately: The Silk'n Glow Hair Mask. I was introduced to Italian natural hair care brand, O Way, some months back by my (amazing) Japanese hair salon when they used it on me, and decided to treat myself … Continue reading O Way: Silk’n Glow Hair Mask

The Happiness Jar

I have never been big on making new year resolutions and on the few occasions that I did try, I failed miserably. To be perfectly honest, I only made them because it seemed like the right thing to do. After all, everyone was making them and it was only normal right? Of course now on hindsight I … Continue reading The Happiness Jar